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Traditional Cuisine

A special place with charm and flavor

A hut in the mountains, which served as a shelter for hunters and shepherds, gave rise to a bar and restaurant, Restaurante Abrigo do Pastor, located in Camacha, Madeira Island!

Our cuisine has a strong identity with deep roots in the Madeiran and Portuguese gastronomic tradition, prevailing the characteristic and delicious flavors, mostly obtained from regional products, from the land and the countryside.

Smells and flavors that excels

The Abrigo do Pastor Restaurant is a gastronomic paradise of smells and flavors that excels in traditional cuisine.
Its history dates back to an existing hut there that served as a shelter for shepherds and hunters, which later became a Bar and Restaurant. The gastronomic heritage of this space is preserved by its owners Vaz Fernandes and Fabio Vaz Fernandes who, with dedication and passion for the traditional culinary heritage, continue to provide unique moments of ingestion.

Our specialties are different types of meat, especially game, cooked and grilled. In addition to the Espedada, we recommend tasting some Black Pork Plumas, Boar Escalopes, the Traditional Kid Stew, Roasted Piglet, or Roasted Rabbit in a Pan.

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