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traditional flavors

A hut in the mountains, which served as a shelter for hunters and shepherds, gave rise to a bar and restaurant, Restaurante Abrigo do Pastor, which is located in Camacha, Madeira Island.

Our cuisine has a strong identity with deep roots in the Madeiran and Portuguese gastronomic tradition, prevailing the characteristic and delicious flavors, mostly obtained from regional products, from the land and the countryside.

Our specialties are meat, especially game, cooked and grilled. We recommend tasting some Black Pork, Boar Escalopes, the traditional Kid Stew, Roasted Piglet à Pastor; or the stewed Rabbit in the Pan. Homemade soups are also featured on our menu, highlighting Sopa de Trigo, Açorda Madeirense and Canjinha de Galinha do Campo.

We also have various snacks to whet your appetite such as Frog Legs, Sausages Board and Alheiras de Caça, etc. and our delicious sweets, from Chocolate à la Colherada to Requeijão with Pumpkin Jam. You can’t miss the typical delicacies of the island, such as fresh cheese from Santo on the cabbage, board of grilled sausages with meat and wine and garlic, assorted chopped meats, and of course you can’t miss out on trying our traditional boneless Madeiran skewer. or with bone.

On Sundays we have the famous Cozido à Portuguesa.